But I Want Four Seasons!

This morning I’m sitting upstairs in my office/crop room/guest room and looking out the window as I type.  There is a GORGEOUS bright red/orange tree outside my window.  It is stunning and still has most of its leaves.  It is not very tall — only slightly taller than the house actually, but it is beautiful.  Years ago, when I married Chris, we moved to the south and somehow the Army decided to keep us in the south for the next 9 years.  We eventually made it out to the midwest, only to return to the south again!   Upon leaving the south again in 2009, I was anxious to return to a place where I could experience four distinct seasons. Three months after we moved back to the mid-atlantic, we experienced more snow than I’ve ever seen in my life.  Call it “Snowmageddon” or “Snowpocalypse” or both, but 75 inches of snow fell in Virginia in February 2010 and I got to experience it all. I LOVE snow.  And honestly, I even loved all of that snow.  It became a joke in my family that the snow was actually all my fault, because the entire time we had lived in the south (for the previous three years), I continually complained that I wanted “four seasons”, so apparently I had “wished” for that much snow.  For Christmas in 2010, Chris gave me an absolutely beautiful print of the Washington Monument and the Tidal Basin, shown in all four seasons.  I love the winter and the snow.  I love the fall and the beautiful colors.  I love the spring and the beautiful flowers and the blooming trees.  I love the summer and all the green.  I think spring is my favorite, but most of all, I love having four distinct seasons.  We are currently living in a place that will afford me all four seasons for a year and I’m trying hard to enjoy the seasons this year.  I think I’ll even try to photograph the tree from my window because I’d like to have the picture from my current perspective.

Today I am thankful for four seasons.  They are each beautiful in their own way and when I am able to live in a place that has four distinct seasons, I am happy.


About sendingcupcakelove

I'm an Army Wife and lover of all things cupcakes! Sending "Cupcake Love" (sending Georgetown Cupcakes) is one of my favorite things to do. I love to make someone's day!
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