What was the best part of your day?

Years ago I started a tradition each night at the dinner table and would ask, “What was the best part of your day” and everyone had to answer.  My focus is mainly on Michael each night, because I’m trying to get him to talk about his day, rather than just saying “Okay” when I ask him how his day was at school.

Anyway, today was a very busy day and I had a lot on my plate.  So many things to do.  So many things to accomplish.  I got some of it done, but certainly not all of it done.   A big part of my day was a monthly meeting for seminar spouses.  Not long after I arrived here, I took my very first Zumba class and met a lady named Lee Ann.  We immediately bonded, probably over being the two largest women in the class and our frustration when it comes to shopping for clothes in our, ahem, size.  Anyway, I haven’t seen Lee Ann in a while, mostly because I stopped going to Zumba.  This morning I saw her at the monthly meeting, as she is also an SSR, like me.  She came up to me and gave me the biggest hug.  It truly was the nicest hug I’d received in a long, long time.  It just felt so good.  I miss Lee Ann.  Seeing her today makes me want to send her an e-mail and let her know that I’d love to take her to lunch and spend some time with her.

Today, I am thankful for hugs from friends.  Sometimes, they are simply the best.

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Thirty days of thankfulness.

I have wanted to start blogging again for quite some time.  I briefly started a blog back in 2006, but only blogged for about 30 days before I forgot the password, how to log on and post.  Pathetic, I know.  I can’t even remember the name of the blog.  What I DO remember is that re-reading all the posts, I seemed very angry … or just complaining … in every post.  I don’t want my blog to be the “angry lady” blog, so I will endeavor to find something positive to blog about everyday.  Of course, I think I may be a complainer by nature, which of course I hate about myself, so there will be a few complaints here and there, but I really want to endeavor to be more positive when I write.

That said, today is November 1, 2011 … the month during which Thanksgiving falls.  I love all of the fall/winter holidays.  I don’t think I like one more than the others, but I really enjoy the time from October 1 through December 31 every year.  I actually managed to put all my Thanksgiving decorations out today, such as they are.  Most of them are in storage for a year.  😦   More like, I actually managed to put away all of the Halloween decorations today.  I almost purchased a new turkey to add to my Thanksgiving collection today, but it just didn’t speak to me enough.  You can see it here.

Anyway, I want to post something I am thankful for each day this month and today I want to start with my husband.

I am thankful for Christopher.  He takes care of me, looks out for me, keeps me safe, loves me, makes me laugh, wants me to be happy, loves my laugh, likes to surprise me, tries hard to have my best interests at heart, is a good father, overcomes challenges, never quits, helps out as much as he can — even when I think I don’t want him to help — likes the things that I like, is learning to dance, is loyal, stubborn, true to himself, extremely disciplined, a man of his word, compulsive about money, almost always chooses “the harder right over the easier wrong”, and sees the good in me.

I love you Chris!

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